Why CDzExchange Crypto Derivatives Exchange is the Ultimate Go-to

DeFi is becoming the new normal. But how can its growth be facilitated? With many blockchains available today and their different protocols, how can cross-chain transactions be facilitated?

A crucial need to democratize the finance ecosystem and empower everyday people, is what has given blockchain a key opportunity to leverage its technology via providing a peer-to-peer framework of operation. If you’ve been in the blockchain ecosystem for a while now, the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) concept shouldn’t sound new to you. A broad term for open finance built on smart contracts and distributed ledger technologies.

A majority of the centralized financial services today, is controlled by central institutions, trust legacies, middlemen and governing bodies. It creates a whole lot of difficulties for the regular person in gaining access to financial services such as loans, bonds, insurance etc. This is where DeFi takes on the challenge, the keyword being “decentralized” here. DeFi, by leveraging blockchain technology, removes this “middlemen bottleneck” and centralized control and allows regular people access to financial services without reducing the integrity of the system. Anyone can have access to financial services without limitations.

DeFi adoption gave rise to decentralized exchanges (DEX) and crypto derivatives (“CDs”). However, as with every new tech framework still in its infancy stage, there are still a number of challenges DeFi needs to overcome for a more effective and efficient ecosystem especially for decentralized derivatives. One of those is cross-chain interoperability. With many blockchains available today, finding a framework that integrates them all for seamless transactions is of crucial relevance. CDzExchange takes on this challenge head-on by providing a cross-chain solution that would massively enhance DeFi operations on a global scale.

Facilitating Cross-chain Interoperability

Today, there’s a substantial number of various decentralized architectures or blockchains. Some of the major ones include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and many others. Each of these blockchains are tailored to address specific needs and have their different protocols which creates a challenge of interoperability. In other words, it makes it a little more complicated to carry out transactions across different blockchains. All of these blockchains process data differently and carry out different forms of transactions.

For DEXs to truly gain widespread adoption, there must be bridges between existing protocols that allow for frictionless transfer and trading of assets — cross-chain technology.

Here’s why CDzExchange cross-chain derivatives (CCDs) technology is important

The successful scaling of DeFi and crypto derivatives is undoubtedly dependent on how well these different blockchains can interact and integrate with themselves. Users should be able to transact across chains without complicated obstacles and delays. The absence of interoperability will only create an isolated system and ultimately limit the growth opportunities for DeFi.

A regular user should be able to transmit data to recipients on other blockchains seamlessly. Likewise, such data should be easily comprehended and responded to by the recipient without complication. The same applies to trading and transfer of assets across chains. Without cross-chain infrastructure, it will be difficult for users to leverage the massive DeFi opportunities in crypto derivatives, token swaps, staking, arbitrage and a whole lot more that’s possible with “money legos”.

Providing non-custodial cross-chain interoperability will break past barriers of the fragmented DeFi ecosystem where users have had to use different platforms to make different kinds of trades that could have been done via one platform. CDzExchange ensures this is solved and makes a seemingly complex and hectic framework simpler and more accessible.

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