Now You can Bet in $CDz All The Way in V3 Prediction Game!

We’re excited to inform you that the Prediction Game V3 is locked ’n’ loaded and ready to launch! Last time we announced the release of the Prediction Game V2 series with the addition of BTC/USD and CAKE/USD. Now you’re getting an upgrade!

If you’re enthusiastic in analyzing market sentiments or you’ve got great insights about the crypto market, this game is your golden opportunity to turn your insights into rewards by making predictions on BNB/USD, BTC/USD, CAKE/USD either using BNB or our Native Token $CDz. Furthermore, you will get the chance to win the jackpot at the same time.

Prediction Game V3 is upgraded with better performance, more incentives and added utility.

What’s NEW in the Upgrade?

Multiple utilities with $CDz

The new Prediction Game V3 now allows you to make predictions and bets with the $CDz token. Previously, users could only make predictions using BNB on BTC/USD, BNB/USD and CAKE/USD. With $CDz added to the pack, you can make payments, and receive rewards directly in $CDz.

Are you a $CDz hodler? Now it’s your arena.

Increased $CDz token performance

Typically, when you bet with the BNB token in the Prediction Game, at the backend, the BNB is further used to buy back the $CDz token. This consequently contributes to the price increase of the $CDz token due to the increased buy pressure. The more the conversions, the stronger $CDz becomes!

By allowing payments and rewards in $CDz token, Prediction Game V3 facilitates an increase in $CDz trading volume and token holders. Thus as you keep betting, you add more value to the $CDz which in turn becomes a win-win for you!

It gets more exciting…

Jackpot Prizes!

The new Prediction Game V3 comes with exciting rewards! You start a chance of winning up to 100k $CDz per week!

This ongoing campaign will be held weekly and the top three winners with the most prediction rounds stand a chance of winning from the 100k $CDz jackpot pool as follows:

Top 1–50%

Top 2–30%

Top 3–20%

Increases your chances of winning weekly by playing more! Let’s get the CDz community buzzing. Stay Tuned and pay attention to our UPCOMING Jackpot Campaign Announcement.

The Prediction Game V3 is currently in its Beta stage. Be prepared for more exciting features coming your way. It’s $CDz to the moon!

Ready to BET? Here we GOOOOO!



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